The Allach porcelain factory was set up by Heinrich Himmler in 1936 under the control of Professor Karl Diebitsch. Himmler wanted to produce porcelain of the very highest quality and had the best sculptors in Germany gathered together to fulfill this dream.

All the Allach pieces were marked with the crossed SS runes similar to what is on SS swords and the SS 1936 chain daggers (this mark is often associated with SS Obersturmbannführer Professor Diebitsch). Most pieces also had a catalog number and the name of the artist marked on them as well.

The range of pieces that were produced covered various equestrian (horse) subjects, human figures both current (at that time) and historical, animal figures, presentation bowls (for Reich Party Days), decorative plates and various pieces of tableware. Almost everything was done in pure white porcelain (for purity) but many items were also offered for sale in colored versions as well.

Allach porcelain is regarded as the highest quality even today. Prices for some of the rarer pieces are currently over $10,000 but the smaller items can go as low as a few hundred. It can be best described by Professor Diebitsch in a speech he made in April 1939 at the opening of the Allach showroom in Berlin:

“We know that all we may produce will be critically examined by those who come after us, and we do not want these later generations to give a poor verdict on our works”



The book "Allach Porcelain" by Michael Passmore is a good place to start studying this fascinating area of Third Reich collecting. Copies can often be found on eBay.

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Painted Sitting Rabbit #61 - NEW
painted allach rabbit 61
painted allach rabbit 61
painted allach rabbit 61
painted allach rabbit 61
painted allach rabbit 61
Sitting Rabbit #61 ##
Silk Tail Bird #110
Sitting Young Dacshund #2
Colored Lamb #107
Reclining Fawn #41
Colored Bear with Ball #9
Colored Begging Bear #5
Young Rabbit #44
Standing Elephant #3
White Porcelain Vase #502
Painted Porcelain Vase #502
Painted Porcelain Vase #502 - variation


Non Allach Porcelain
This piece is pushing the boundaries of being authentic but I thought I would include it here as it is quite a cool looking piece. The quality of the porcelain is about as good as other wartime porcelain (but it is not a piece of Allach). Some collectors like it and to others it is a fantasy piece. The "T" is meant to signify the Junker School Tolz. Whether the markings were done before, during, or after the war I'll leave everyone to guess - I have no idea myself.


painted allach rabbit 61 painted allach rabbit 61 painted allach rabbit 61 painted allach rabbit 61 painted allach rabbit 61