SS insignia and the study of it is a large subject and has already filled several books. The subject of SS cufftitles alone has produced several excellent books.

Trying to cover all the different insignia here would be an impossible job, so I will show a few relevant examples from my own collection. I'll attempt to impart some of the things that I have learnt from other collectors and my own study, to everyone reading this. I am very grateful to my fellow collectors for the knowledge I have gained from them.

Here are a few of my favourite reference books to get you started:

"Insignia of the SS" by John Angolia

"Uniforms of the Waffen-SS" The 3 volume set by Mike Beaver

"German Military Cuffbands 1784 - Present" by Gordon Williamson & Thomas McGuire



Flatwire SS Cap Skulls

This flatwire skull photo comparison was inspired by (and dedicated to) my friend Paul Harris who was much more versed in this subject than myself, as a quick reference guide on flatwire skulls for all my collector friends.

In my opinion, it shows every variation of authentic machine woven flatwire SS cap skull known to date. All of these in the photo are in my collection except #5 (I did own # 5 briefly) and can be seen on the headgear page.

From my own study it appears that numbers 4 & 5 are the rarest of all the types and I have only encountered one of each in 8 years of study. The most common type appears to be # 1.

Even though these look different, they all share a number of common traits that so far the fakers have not been able to reproduce (yet). One of the main traits is the tightness and quality of the weave that the German's excelled in. Anyone who is interested can contact me for the details on the other common features.

The last skull on the bottom row is actually the same pattern as # 1 - they have just been stretched differently when sewn to their respective caps.

If you believe you have another variant I would be pleased to see it. Contact me here SS Relics - Information if you have further relevant information.


The above photo is merely to illustrate the front and back construction of a flatwire skull for reference purposes.
Flatwire SS Cap Eagles
Flatwire cap eagles have been faked much better than the skulls have, as you can see from the above photo comparison. However the details give the fakes away when you know what to look for.
SS Sleeve Eagles
The above photo shows the 4 authentic types of Flatwire SS sleeve eagles. These are the only types identified as authentic to date.
3 hand embroidered bullion (this type is sometimes called the "RZM" or Karl Wolff style) sleeve eagle. The bottom one has quite a low head in comparison to others in this style.

Bevo Tropical eagle.

Early style called the "Hammerhead" eagle.

SS sleeve eagles came in a very large number of styles and could easily take up a large reference book by themselves. The flatwire types are generally acknowledged as having come in 4 styles only. The Bevo types, hand embroidered bullion and machine woven types all came in many different styles.

The hand embroidered bullion types are now becoming very hard to distinguish the authentic from the fake, as the fakes are now very good. I would generally advise posting these on one of the forums to get further opinions.

The photos shown here are from my own collection. I generally don't like to show items that are not in my collection as then I'm "borrowing" other collectors photos.

SS Collar Tabs
Late War Machine sewn bullion Officers collar tabs (unissued pair)
Hand sewn Officers bullion collar tab
Hand sewn Officers bullion collar tab
Machine sewn Flatwire collar tab and
matching rank tab
Totenkopf Division Collar Tab
Flatwire Totekopf Officers collar tab set taken by a member of the 101st Airborne Division. Shown in comparison with a late war runic set.
SS Cuff Titles
SS M43 Cap Trapezoid Insignia

A couple of fellow collectors asked me to add this section on SS Trapezoid cap insignia. I only own one SS Panzer cap with a Trapezoid (which I have noted below) so the other photos I've had to borrow from some of the militaria forums. Not all the styles are shown here as yet but these are the most common. There are some other variations of machine embroidered Trapezoids and at least one other Bevo design not pictured below. There are some fairly close fakes of some of these so you need to look closely at the details. No SS Trapezoid was ever done in aluminum wire.

Original Bevo black SS Panzer Trapezoid with single row of teeth - probably cut from a strip which was how they were produced at the factory. vv Original Bevo black SS Panzer Trapezoid with single row of teeth - this is the same as the one to the left but cut and applied to an M43 cap. (my collection)

Original Bevo green SS Infantry Trapezoid with single row of teeth - this is the same style as the ones to the left but has been cut and applied to an M43 cap. vvvvvvv

Original Bevo green SS Infantry Trapezoid with single row of teeth - this is a somewhat rarer style than the ones to the left. I believe there is a black Panzer version of this style as well. Original Bevo black SS Panzer Trapezoid with double row of teeth - this type is done in both a shiny type thread and a matte grey thread. The shiny type is not aluminum flatwire thread although it may appear that way in some photos Original Bevo green SS Infantry Trapezoid with double row of teeth - this type is done in both a shiny type thread and a matte grey thread. The shiny type is not aluminum flatwire thread although it may appear that way in some photos


SS Metal Visor Insignia

The list below (I believe) is a current list of all the good metal visor eagle and skull markings and their makers where they have been identified. This list is subject to change and should not be completely relied upon for a final determination of a good (or fake) item. Please do use it as an intial checklist only. Then get some further advice. Note that there is a mixture of RZM codes (eg M1/52) and SS contract numbers used on this insignia, and in at least one case, both numbers were used (RZM SS 499/42 M1/72 - on some Fritz Zimmermann eagles))

Unmarked - Deschler & Sohn
GES.GESCH. - Deschler & Sohn
RZM 52 - Deschler & Sohn
RZM M1/52 - Deschler & Sohn
RZM 254/42 - Deschler & Sohn
RZM 499/41 - Fritz Zimmermann
RZM M1/24 - Overhoff & Cie.
GES.GESCH. - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
Unmarked - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
RZM M1/17 - E. W. Assmann & Söhne (unconfirmed)
S.P.40 - Unknown possibly Overhoff & Cie.

RZM M1/52 - Deschler & Sohn
RZM SS 155/36 - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
RZM SS 155/38 - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
RZM SS 155/42 - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
RZM M1/17 - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
Unmarked - E. W. Assmann & Söhne
RZM M1/24 - Overhoff & Cie
RZM M1/72 - Fritz Zimmermann
RZM SS 499/42 M1/72 - Fritz Zimmermann
RZM SS M1/167 - Augustin Hicke
RZM M1/8 - Ferdinand Wagner
RZM SS 475/39 - Ferdinand Wagner
RZM SS 475/42 - Ferdinand Wagner
RZM 394-35 - Unknown
E.S.P.F. - Unknown (unconfirmed possibly Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim)

The following list is provided with the kind permission of Bernie Brule. Thanks Bernie !

For the collector's interest and information, I have compiled a partial list of RZM manufacturer codes and their locations from the following sources with permission:
- Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich, Vol. I, II and IV by LTC. Thomas. M. Johnson and
- A Collector's Guide to the RZM Marks of the NSDAP by Joseph Schlager
It is by no means complete.

The Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP or RZM was the quality control office of the NSDAP. All firms wishing to manufacture items for NSDAP formations or organisations had to apply for an RZM number. This number was stamped on most items made by the firm and quality was strictly controlled by the RZM office. If a firm did not live up to quality expectations, it could lose its RZM number and hence its permission to manufacture these items.

The RZM code was normally in the following format:
RZM bg/####/yy where:
b = branch
g = group
# = firm number
yy = year of manufacture was sometimes included

The branches included:
W = wool
D = uniforms
K = clothing
B = cotton
A = equipment
L = leather
M = metal

There are hundreds of possible RZM codes but I am going to limit the information presented here to the manufacturers of some metal products. Within this branch which is designated by the letter M there are the following (but not necessarily the only) groups:
M1 - insignia
M2 - sub-contractors
M3 - symbols or emblems
M4 - belt buckles
M5 - uniform accessories
M6 - aluminum products
M7 - daggers
M8 - metal accessories
M9 - meeting badges (tinnies)
M10 - musical instruments
M11 - NSDAP Long Service Medals
M12 - NSDAP miniature Long Service Medals

Please note also that in some rare situations for some as yet unexplained reason, two different manufacturers shared the same code.

RZM marks/codes should never be found on Army, Navy or Luftwaffe daggers as they were not NSDAP formations. I am no expert on RZM codes, so please do not ask me to explain variations that you may have.


M1 - Insignia and Badges

M1/1 Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde
M1/2 Richard Conrad, Weimar
M1/3 Max Kremhelmer, München
M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst, Oranienburg
M1/5 Walter Simon, Dresden
M1/6 Karl Flensler, Pforzheim
M1/7 Herman Schanzun, Pforzheim
M1/8 Ferdinand Wagner, Pforzheim.
M1/9 Robert Hauschild, Pforzheim
M1/10 Robert Schenkel, Pforzheim
M1/11 C. Baimberger, Nürnberg
M1/12 Gebrüder Hahne, Lüdenscheid
M1/13 L. Christian Lauer, Nürmberg
M1/14 Matth. Oescbsler & Sohn, Ansbach
M1/15 Ferdinand Hoffstätter, Bonn am Rhein
M1/16 Dr. Franke & Co. K.G., Lüdenscheid
M1/17 E W. Assmann & S6hne, Lüdenscheid
M1/18 Gold-und Silber-Scheide-Anstalt, Oberstein a. d. N.
M1/20 Gustav Emil Ficker, Bejerfeld
M1/21 Paul Meybauer, Berlin-Waidmannslust
M1/22 Johann Dittrich, Chemnitz
M1/23 Wilhelm Borgas, Eutingen
M1/24 Overhoff & Cie., Lüdenscheid
M1/25 Rudolf Reiling, Pforzbeim
M1/27 E. L. MUller, Pforzheim
M1/28 Gebrüder Trautz, Pforzheim-Dillweissenstein
M1/29 Otto Riedel, Zwickau
M1/30 Robert Metzger G.m.b.H, Pforzbeim
M1/31 Karl Pfohl, Pforzheim
M1/32 Gustav Ramminger (Inh. Hans Kuhnle), Pforzheim
M1/34 Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen
M1/35 Wachtler & Lange, Mittweida
M1/36 Berg & Nolte AG, Lüdenscheid
M1/37 Julius Bauer Sohn, ZeIla-Mehlis
M1/38 Carl Wächtler, Weimar
M1/39 Robert Beck, Pforzheim
M1/40 C. Meinel & W. Scholer, Klingenthal
M1/41 H.A. Kohlers Sohn G.m.b.H., Altenburg
M1/42 Kerbach & Israel, Dresden
M1/43 Julius Maurer G.m.b.H., Oberstein a. d. N.
M1/44 C. Dinsel, Berlin-Waidmannslust
M1/45 Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid
M1/46 Alfred Stubbe, Berlin
M1/47 Christian Theodore Dicke, Lüdenscheid
M1/48 Alexander Wollram, Dessau
M1/49 Adolf Baumeister, Lüdenscheid
M1/50 Richard Sieper & Sohn, Lüdenscheid
M1/51 Noelle & Hueck G.m.b.H., Lüdenscheid
M1/52 Deschler & Sohn, München
M1/54 Pa. A. Fries, Beuster & Schild, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
M1/55 August Enders AG, Oberrabmede
M1/56 Erfurter Knopffabrik G.m.b.H., Erfurt
M1/57 M. Winter, München
M1/58 M. Kutsch, Attendorn
M1/59 Paul Cramer, Lüdenscheid
M1/60 Gebrüder Cosack, Neheim
M1/61 Ossenberg-Engels, Iserlohn
M1/62 Gustav Hähl, Pforzheim
M1/63 Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid
M1/64 Albert Winges, Trusen
M1/65 E. F Wiedmann, Frankfurt am M.
M1/66 Fritz Kohm, Pforzheim
M1/67 Karl Schenker, Schwäb-Gmünd.
M1/68 Gustav Maier, Pforzheim
M1/70 Franz Otto, Wuppertal-Elberfeld
M1/71 Gesell & Co., Pforzheim
M1/72 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart
M1/73 Karl Erbacher, Pforzheim
M1/74 Boerger & Co., Berlin
M1/75 Otto Schickle, Pforzheim
M1/76 Hillenbrand & Bröer, Lüdenscheid
M1/77 Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim
M1/78 Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid
M1/79 Walter Amlauf, Leipzig
M1/80 R. Durr & Fr Seiter, Pforzheim
M1/81 Rutting & Mertz, Lüdenscheid
M1/82 Leistner & Co., Leipzig
M1/83 Willy Annetsberger, München
M1/84 Ernst Schneider, Lüdenscheid
M1/85 Alois Rettenmaier, Schwäb-Gmünd.
M1/86 Ernst Conze, Lüdenscheid
M1/87 Karoline Gahr, München
M1/88 Josef Schulte-Ufer, Sundern
M1/89 Gustav Bühnert, Dobeln
M1/90 Apreck & Vrage, Leipzig
M1/92 Karl Wild, Hamburg
M1/93 Gotllieb Friedrick Keck & Sohn, Pforzheim
M1/94 Friedrich Keck, Pforzheim
M1/95 Josef Fuess, München
M1/96 F O. Naupert, Rosswein
M1/97 M. Nett, Gravier-und Prägeanstalt, Fürth
M1/98 G. Danner, Muhlhausen
M1/99 Peter Wilhelm Heb, Lüdenscheid
M1/100 Werner Redo, Saarlautern
M1/101 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
M1/102 Frank & Reif Stuttgart.
M1/103 Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen
M1/104 Otto Fechler, Bernsbach
M1/105 Hermann Aurich, Dresden
M1/106 Funcke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid
M1/107 Emil Juttner, Lüdenscheid
M1/108 Schroder & Co., Lüdenscheid
M1/109 Glaser & Sohn, Dresden.
M1/110 Tweer & Turck, Lüdenscheid
M1/111 Gebrüder Gloerfeld Metallwarenfabrik KG, Lüdenscheid
M1/112 Robert Deitenbeck, Lüdenscheid
M1/113 Gebrüder Dombach, Lüdenscheid
M1/114 Paul Cramer & Co., Lüdenscheid
M1/115 E. Schmidhaussler, Pforzheim
M1/116 Hermann Wernstein, Jena-Lobstedt
M1/117 K. F. Vogelsang & Co., Lüdenscheid
M1/118 Erich Gutenkunst, Berlin.
M1/119 Georg Bonitz, Schwarzenberg
M1/120 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
M1/121 Walter Demmer, Lüdenscheid
M1/122 I. Deutschbein G.m.b.H., Euskirchen
M1/124 Gebrüder Lange, Lüdenscheid
M1/125 Cramer & Dombach. Lüdenscheid
M1/126 Karl Fr. Schenkel, Pforzheim
M1/127 Alfred Stübbe, Inh. Herbert Tegge, Berlin-Waidmannslust
M1/128 Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim
M1/129 Seiler & Comp., Geldem
M1/130 Grossmann & Co., Inh. Lorenz Hoffstätter & L. Siefener, Wien
M1/136 Matth Salcher & Sohn, Wagstadt
M1/137 Richard Simm & Sohn, Gablonz am N.
M1/138 Matth Oechsler & Sohn AG, Riegersdorf/Bodenbach
M1/139 Rudolf Richter, Schlag Nr. 244
M1/140 Bruno Czerch, Gablonz am N.
M1/141 Josef Felix Sohn, Gablonz am N.
M1/142 Josef Hillebrand, Gablonz am N.
M1/143 Gebrüder Jäger., Gablonz am N.
M1/146 Anton Schenkis Nachf., Wien
M1/147 Eduard Gösel, Wien
M1/148 Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe, Wien
M1/149 Lentwerk Brüder Schneider AG., Wien
M1/150 Franke & Sohn, Heidenreichstein
M1/151 Rudolf Schanes, Wien
M1/152 Franz Jungwirth, Wien
M1/153 Friedrich Orth, Wien
M1/155 Schwertner & Cie., Eggenberg b. Graz
M1/156 Argentor-Werke, Wien
M1/157 Phil. Turks Witwe, Wien
M1/158 Karl Pichl, Innsbruck
M1/159 Hans Doppler, Wels
M1/160 E. Reihl, Linz
M1/161 Anton Markovskys Sohn, Gablonz am N.
M1/162 Konrad Seiboth, Gablonz am N.
M1/163 Franz Schmidt, Gablonz am N.
M1/164 Aug. G. Tham, Gablonz am N.
M1/165 Rudolf Tham, Gablonz am N.
M1/166 Camill Bergmann & Co, Gablonz am N.
M1/167 Augustin Hicke, Tyssa b. Bodenbach
M1/168 Wilhelm Fühner, Pforzheim
M1/169 Paul Garthe, Milpe
M1/170 B. H. Mayers Hotkunstprägeanstalt, Pforzheim
M1/172 Walter & Henlein, Gablonz am N.
M1/173 Adam Donner, Wuppertal-Elberfcld
M1/174 Petz & Lorenz, Unterreichenbach
M1/175 "Walgo" Kom-Ges., Kierspe
M1/176 Heinrich Vogt, Pforzheim
M1/177 Franz Klamt & Sohn, Gablonz am N.
M1/178 Gustav Kortel, Peterswald b. Bodenbach
M1/180 Metallwarenfabrik S. Jablonski G.m.b.H., Posen
M1/181 Wilhelm Müller, Posen
M1/182 C. E. Junker, Berlin
M1/183 Schmahl & Schulz, Wuppertal-Barmen.
M1/184 W. Aurich, Leipe


M2 - Sub-contractors

M2/139 Gerog Wetzel
M2/168 Fritz Balke
M2/169 Gebrüder Tueckmantel
M2/170 E. Steineshoff & Sohne
M2/171 Gottfried Reuter
M2/172 Gebrüder Knoth
M2/173 Karl Peters, Jr.
M2/174 Wilhelm Otto
M2/175 Willy Goeddertz
M2/176 Rudy u. Karl Kraus
M2/177 Luettgens & Engels
M2/178 Oskar Jenish
M2/179 Peter Prass
M2/180 Karl Muller
M2/181 Bremshey & Co.
M2/182 Robert Hartmann
M2/183 Julius Kirschner & Sohn


M4 - Belt Buckles

M4/1 Ferdinand Hoffstätter, Bonn
M4/2 M. Winter, München
M4/3 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde
M4/4 Gustav Emil Ficker, Beierfeld
M4/5 Leistner & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/6 C. & W. Meindel-Scholer, Klingenthal
M4/7 Hermann Sprenger, Iserlohn
M4/9 Albert Winges, Trusen
M4/10 Bernhard Haarmann, Lüdenscheid
M4/12 Mathias Kutsch, Attendorn
M4/13 Paul Schuhmacher, Lüdenscheid
M4/14 Otto Fechler, Bernsbach
M4/15 Paul Meybauer, Berlin
M4/16 Robert Tummler, Dobeln
M4/17 Ernst Meissner, Hohenlimburg
M4/18 Julius Bauer & Söhne, Zella-Mehlis
M4/19 Ernst Schneider, Lüdenscheid
M4/21 Hans Schonfelder, Mittweida
M4/22 Christian Theodor Dicke
M4/23 Franke & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/24 Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid
M4/25 Noelle & Huck, Lüdenscheid
M4/26 Offenberg-Engels, Iserlohn
M4/27 Overhoft & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/28 Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid
M4/29 K. E Brahm, Fürth
M4/30 Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid
M4/31 Max Haufe, Grossrohrsdorf
M4/32 Gebrüder Hahne, Lüdenscheid
M4/33 J. D. von Hagen G.m.b.H., Iserlohn
M4/34 Nordwall & Welschehold, Menden
M4/35 Moeller & Schröder, Offenbach
M4/36 Knopffabrik von Hofe & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/37 Stefan Merkl, Nürnberg
M4/38 Richard Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M4/39 E W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M4/40 Giesse & Schmidt, Ruhla
M4/41 Schmal & Schulz, Wuppertal-Barmen
M4/42 Hermann Aurich, Dresden
M4/43 R. A. Erbe, Schmalkalden
M4/44 Paul Cramer & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/45 Cramer & Dombach, Lüdenscheid
M4/46 Wilhelm Schroder & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/47 Ebberg & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/49 Steinhauer & Luck, Lüdenscheid
M4/50 Willi Thuy, Lüdenscheid
M4/51 Homer & Dittermann, Wuppertal-Bannen
M4/52 Linden & Funke G.m.b.H., Iserlohn
M4/53 Zieh-Press-und Stanzwerk G.m.b.H., Zwintschona
M4/54 Wilhelm Annetsberger, München
M4/55 Julius Kremp, Lüdenscheid
M4/56 Friedrich Keller, Oberstein
M4/57 Julius Maurer, Oberstein
M4/58 Wilhelm Deus, Solingen
M4/59 Adolf Baumeister, Lüdenscheid
M4/60 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
M4/61 Julius Dinnebier, Lüdenscheid
M4/62 Arld Heinrich, Nürnberg
M4/63 Werner Redo, Saarlautern
M4/64 Otto Geiger, Lüdenscheid
M4/65 Georg Bonitz, Schwarzenberg
M4/66 Stimming & Venzlaff, Altenburg
M4/67 Emil Juttner, Lüdenscheid
M4/68 Norddeutsches Nickel-und Silberwaren G.m.b.H., Hamburg
M4/69 Meyer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart
M4/70 Kugel & Fink, Lüdenscheid
M4/71 Lehmann & Wundenberg, Hannover
M4/72 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
M4/73 Lohmann & Welschehold, Meinerzhagen
M4/74 Wilhelm Geiger G.m.b.H.; Lüdenscheid
M4/75 Walter Demmer, Lüdenscheid
M4/76 Petz & Koch, Unterreichenbach
M4/77 Gebrüder Gloerfeld, Lüdenscheid
M4/78 E K. Vogelsang & Co., Lüdenscheid
M4/79 Hillenbrand & Bröer, Lüdenscheid
M4/80 Lind & Meyrer, Oberstein
M4/81 Inhaber Frau Johanna Kaukal, Wien
M4/84 Grossmann & Co., Wien
M4/85 Friedrich Bibus & Sohn, Mahrisch-Trubau
M4/86 Sohni, Heubach & Co., Oberstein
M4/87 Matthias Salcher & Söhne, Wagstadt
M4/88 August Hieke, Tyssa bei Bodenbach
M4/90 Adolf Grohmann & Sohn, Wurbenthal
M4/92 Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe, Wien
M4/93 Lenkwerk Brüder Schneider, Wien
M4/94 Raimond Moser, Wien
M4/95 Franz Weinrank, Wien
M4/96 Eans Pacher, Wien
M4/97 Friedrich Orth, Wien
M4/98 Franz Petzl, Wien
M4/99 Franke & Sohn, Heidenreichenstein
M4/100 Rudolf Menschiga, Wien
M4/101 Dominik Schönbaumsfelds & Sohn, Wien
M4/102 Wilhelm Prym, Wien
M4/103 Rudolf Schanes, Wien
M4/104 Philipp Turka, Wien
M4/105 Argentorwerk Rust Hetzel, Wien
M4/106 Maria Schenkl, Wien
M4/107 Frank & Reit Stuttgart
M4/108 Adalbert Kanngieser, Wien
M4/109 Rudolf & Karl Kraus, Solingen
M4/110 Josef Felix & Söhne, Gablonz
M4/114 Otto Honsel, Werdohl
M4/115 Klein & Quenzer, Idar-Oberstein
M4/116 CamiIl Bergmann & Co., Gablonz
M4/117 W. Aurich, Leipe
M4/119 Eugen Schmiedhäusler, Pforzheim
M4/120 Karl Hensler, Pforzheim


M5 - Uniform Accessories

M5/1 Tillmanns & Maier, Velbert
M5/2 Schmöle und Co., Menden
M5/3 Brauckmann & Pröbsting, Lüdenscheid
M5/4 Hörnr & Dittermann, Wuppertal-Bannen
M5/5 Elsas & Bocks, Wuppertal-Barmen
M5/6 Schaeffer-Homberg G.m.b.H., Wuppertal-Bannen
M5/7 Nottebohrn & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/8 E W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M5/9 Matth. Oechsler & Sohn, Ansbach
M5/10 Wilhelm Deus, Solingen
M5/11 Hermann Aurich, Dresden
M5/12 Heinrich Erhardt, Geislingen-Stg.
M5/13 Robert Deitenbeck, Lüdenscheid
M5/14 Petzold & Maeser, Chemnitz-Boma
M5/15 Louis Witte & Co., Wuppenal-Unterbannen
M5/16 Schmahl & Schulz, Wuppertal-Bannen
M5/17 Krafft und Schüll, Düren
M5/18 Wilhelm Graf, Dahle über Altena
M5/19 Julius Grefe G.m.b.H., Dahle über Altena
M5/20 Ossenberg & Co., Dahle über Mtena
M5/22 J. D. von Hagen, Iserlohn
M5/23 Walter Hörnlein, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M5/24 T. C. Lünnann G.m.b.H., Iserlohn
M5/25 Christian Theodor Dicke, Lüdenscheid
M5/26 Georg Wutzer, München
M5/27 Rittinghaus & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/28 Jul. Dinnebier Nachf., Lüdenscheid
M5/29 Funcke & Brüninghaus, Lüdenscheid
M5/30 Stocko-Metallwarenfabrik OHG, Wuppertal-Sonnborn
M5/32 Fritz Werner, Immelbom
M5/33 Otto Berning & Co., Schwelm
M5/34 Wilhelm Kämper G.m.b.H., Oberrahmede
M5/35 Eduard Riedel, Görlitz
M5/36 Ebberg & Co. G.m.b.H., Lüdenscheid
M5/37 Richard Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M5/38 Max Kamper AG., Lüdenscheid
M5/39 Herzog & Co., Luckenwalde
M5/40 Willy Thuy, Lüdenscheid
M5/41 Friedrich Steigenberger, Unterknöringen
M5/42 Gebrüder Albert, Menden
M5/43 August Wengeler, Lüdenscheid
M5/44 Friedrich C. Werthmann, Lüdenscheid
M5/45 Albert Winkel, Lüdenscheid
M5/46 Gebn Baldauf G.m.b.H., Marienberg
M5/47 Albert Eichhoff & Co., Marienheide-Köln
M5/48 Henssgen Karabinerhaken G.m.b.H., Mettmann
M5/49 Metallwaren- und Schnittwerkzeugfabrik, Mylau
M5/50 J. Ernst, Löbau
M5/51 Kürbi u. Niggeloh, Radevormwald
M5/52 Hugo Schneider AG., Leipzig
M5/53 Traugott Weiss G.m.b.H., Schmiedeberg
M5/54 Lohmann & Welschehold, Meinerzhagen
M5/55 Sebnitzer Knopffabrik Josef Koch, Sebnitz
M5/56 Max Plümacher AG., Solingen-Weyer
M5/57 Paul Schumacher, Lüdenscheid
M5/58 Hugo Engelmann & Co., Heiligerstadt-Eichsfeld
M5/59 Rütting & Mertz, Lüdenscheid
M5/60 Adolphs & Ganss, Mettmann
M5/61 K. Fr. Brahm, Fürth
M5/62 Heinrich Vogt, Pforzheim
M5/63 Hans Schulz & Co., Oppach
M5/64 Arthur Hotka, München
M5/65 Gebrüder Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid
M5/66 Krück & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/67 Coseberg & Grashoff, Kierape
M5/68 Clemens Humann, Leipzig
M5/69 M. Winter, München
M5/70 Ernst Conze, Lüdenscheid
M5/71 Overhoff & Cie., Lüdenscheid
M5/72 Paul Cramer & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/73 Gebt Schmidt, Oberstein a. d. Nahe
M5/74 NoelIe & Hueck G.m.b.H., Lüdenscheid
M5/75 Dr. Franke & Co. KG., Lüdenscheid
M5/76 Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid
M5/77 Emil Vogelsang, Glauchau
M5/78 Hilger & Co., Stolpen
M5/79 Gust. Raffienbeul G.m.b.H., Schwelm
M5/80 R. Conrad Nachf. & Co. KG., Schmiedeberg
M5/81 August Wolf, Langenberg
M5/82 Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid
M5/83 Bernhard Raseney, Zella-Mehlis
M5/84 Hermann Junghanns, Beierfeld
M5/85 Josef Püschner, Stolpen
M5/86 Wilhelm Dietz, Lössnitz
M5/87 Ossenberg-Engels, Iserlohn
M5/88 M. Pickenbach, Berlin
M5/89 Seidel & Walter, Lössnitz
M5/90 Emil Enghofer & Fritz Schenk, Birkenfeld
M5/91 Gebrüder Hahne, Lüdenscheid
M5/92 Max Kessner, Beflin
M5/93 Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid
M5/94 R. Wächtler & Lange, Mittweida
M5/95 Franz Richter, Zschopau
M5/96 Aufermann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M5/97 Nordwall, Dransfeld & Co., Menden
M5/98 Adolf Baumeister, Lüdenscheid
M5/99 Gebrüder Lutz, Weil i. Schönbuch
M5/100 Ernst Schneider, Lüdenscheid
M5/101 Voss & Co., Hemer
M5/102 Gebrüder Gloerfeld G.m.b.H., Lüdenscheid
M5/104 Jean Neusinger, Zirndorf b. Nürnberg
M5/105 August Enders, Oberrahmede
M5/106 August Schulze, Berlin
M5/107 Wetzel & Co., Essen-Werden/Ruhr
M5/108 Hermann E. Müller, Bergneustadt
M5/109 Hermann Unger, Lössnitz
M5/110 Stimming & Venzlaff, Altenburg
M5/111 Gustav Cordt, Lüdenscheid
M5/113 Gebrüder Meier AG., Nürnberg
M5/114 Hermann Eauer, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M5/115 Gebrüder Dombach, Lüdenscheid
M5/116 William Prym G.m.b.H., Stolberg
M5/117 Berg & Nolte AG., Lüdenscheid
M5/118 Giesse & Schmidt, Rubla
M5/119 Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde
M5/120 Karl Benrrup, Bielefeld
M5/121 Gustave Hähl, Pforzheim
M5/122 Walter Simon, Dresden
M5/123 Friedrich Wimmer, Leipzig
M5/124 Clarfeld & Co., Hemer
M5/125 Friedrich Keller, Oberstein a. d. Nahe
M5/126 Peter Wilhelm Heb, Lüdenscheid
M5/127 Gustav Mössmer, Offenbach am Main
M5/128 Heinrich Hulter Jr., Iserlohn
M5/129 Julius Kremp, Lüdenscheid
M5/130 Peter Seuser, Lüdenscheid
M5/131 K. F. Selter G.m.b.H., Lüdenscheid
M5/132 Ernst Scheiter, Eibenstock
M5/133 Gebrüder Lange, Lüdenscheid
M5/134 Hofe & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/135 Reum & v. Hofe, Lüdenscheid
M5/136 Alb. Kattwinkel & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/137 F. W. Müller Jr., Berlin
M5/138 Wilhelm Ladwig, Göppingen
M5/139 C. G. Hochauf, Bautzen
M5/140 Wilhelm Schröder & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/141 Böckle & Co., Geringswalde
M5/142 J. Brinker, Lüdenscheid
M5/143 Schmidt & Niedermeier, Nürnberg
M5/144 Luis Keller, Oberstein/Nahe
M5/145 Cramer & Dombach, Lüdenscheid
M5/146 Otto Grossteinbeck, Velbert
M5/147 Brauckmann & Rahmede, Lüdenscheid
M5/148 Bernhard Haarmann, Lüdenscheid
M5/149 M. Kutsch, Attendorn
M5/151 G. Goseberg & Co. G.m.b.H., Dahle über Altena
M5/152 Wilhelm Kolwitz, Bergedorf
M5/153 Böhme & Hennen, Dresden
M5/154 Tietz & Grossmann, Berlin-Neukölln
M5/155 Stephan Merkl, Nürnberg
M5/156 Gustav Hermann Osang, Dresden
M5/157 Plate & Voerster, Kierspe
M5/158 Georg Schwerin, Berlin
M5/159 Gebrüder Haggenmüller, Mindelheim
M5/160 August Plate, Kierspe
M5/161 Storch & Stehmann G.m.b.H., Ruhla
M5/162 August Schiedel, Geislingen
M5/163 Albert Winges, Trusen
M5/164 Hillenbrand & Bröer, Lüdenscheid
M5/165 W. H. Teckemeyer, Herscheid
M5/166 Albert Winkler, Ruhla
M5/167 Otto Winkhaus, Dahle über Altena
M5/168 Wilhelm Mittelmann, Tönisheide
M5/169 Jean Schobert, Nürnberg
M5/170 Emil Oberholz, Heiligenhaus
M5/171 Hermann Sprenger, Iserlohn
M5/172 P. I. Badorif, Anspach
M5/173 Josef Düllstein, Geldern
M5/174 Kehl & Eble, Stuttgart
M5/175 Heinrich Meeh, Wurmberg b. Pforzheim
M5/176 Hans Widmaier, München
M5/177 Walter Heinrich Schmidt, Lüdenscheid
M5/178 Georg Bonitz, Schwarzenberg
M5/179 Schulte & Vosswinkel, Köln-Nippes
M5/180 E. u. M. Weustenfeld, Solingen
M5/181 Küppner & Co., Tönisheide
M5/182 Brause & Co., Iserlohn
M5/183 Julius Moser sen., Oberstein a. d. Nahe
M5/184 Linden & Funke G.m.b.H., Iserlohn
M5/185 Tweer & Turck, Lüdenscheid
M5/186 R. C. Turck Wwe., Lüdenscheid
M5/187 J. C. Maedicke OH., Berlin
M5/188 Jacob Werder G.m.b.H., Nürnberg
M5/189 Walgo, Inh. Goseberg, Kierspe
M5/190 Drees & Co., Westig
M5/191 Fa. Max Hempel, Nürnberg
M5/192 H. A. Erbe, Schmalkalden
M5/193 Otto Fechler, Bernsbach
M5/194 Robert Rauschild, Pforzheim
M5/195 Otto Klammer, Pforzheim
M5/196 Moeller & Schroeder, Offenbach am Main
M5/197 Hermann Schänzlm, Pforzheim
M5/198 Karl Hensier, Pforzheim
M5/199 Fritz Kohm, Pforzheim
M5/200 Wilhelm Borgas, Eutingen
M5/201 Zieh-, Press- und Stanzwerk G.m.b.R., Zwintschöna b. Halle a. d. S.
M5/202 Eduard Mutschelknauss, Pforzheim
M5/203 Robert Tümmler, Döbeln
M5/204 A. Fries, Beuster & Schild, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
M5/205 Deschler & Sohn, München
M5/206 Ferdinand Wagner, Pforzheim
M5/207 Ferdinand Hoffstätter, Bonn am Rhein
M5/208 Juijus Maurer G.m.b.H., Oberstein a. d. Nahe
M5/209 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
M5/210 Hermann Klittich, Pforzheim
M5/211 C. H. Schäfer, Pforzheim
M5/212 CarI Poellath, Schrobenhausen
M5/213 Wilhelm Ruthenbeck, Brendenbruch
M5/214 Emil Jüttner, Lüdenscheid
M5/215 Al. Rettenmaier, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M5/216 Otto Geiger, Lüdenscheid
M5/217 Max Engeibrecht, Planegg
M5/218 Ochs & Bonn, Hanau am Main
M5/219 Heinrich Muth, Hanau
M5/220 Robert Schneider, Berlin
M5/221 Carl Winkler, Hanau
M5/222 Friedrich Roediger G.m.b.H., Hanau
M5/223 Philipp & Gustav Fest, Hanau
M5/224 Drescher & Kiefer, Hanau
M5/225 Werner Redo, Saarlautern
M5/226 Carl Jüngermann, Lüdenscheid
M5/227 Gebrüder Schröder, Lüdenscheid
M5/228 G. Danner, Mühlhausen
M5/229 Lehmann & Wundenberg, Hannover
M5/230 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
M5/231 Walter Demmer, Lüdenscheid
M5/232 Petz & Koch, Unterreichenbach
M5/233 F. W. Winkhaus, Dahle über Altena
M5/235 F. K. Vogelsang & Co., Lüdenscheid
M5/236 Arno Tempel & Co., Oppach
M5/237 Heinrich Ritter, Esslingen a. Neckar
M5/238 Prokop, Jäger & Söhne, Rosenthal-Schweizermuhle
M5/239 Ernst L. Müller, Pforzheim
M5/240 Adler-Knopffabrik Carl Stein KG., Sohland
M5/241 Hanseatische Silberwarenfabrik G.m.b.H., Bremen
M5/242 Lind & Meyrer, Oberstein
M5/243 Weiland & Sure, Lüdenscheid
M5/244 Wilh. Graf, Komm.-Ges., Dahle ü. Altena
M5/245 Rud. & Karl Kraus, Solingen
M5/246 J. E. Hammer & Söhne, Geringswaldc
M5/247 Hüsmert & Co., Solingen-Wald
M5/248 Sohni, Heubach & Co., Oberstein
M5/249 Sebnitzer Knopffabrik JOS. Koch, Sebnitz
M5/250 Konrad Seiboth, Gablonz am N. (Sudetenland)
M5/252 Matth. Saicher & Söhne AG. Wagstadt (Sudetenland)
M5/253 Camill Bergmann & Co., Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/254 Otto Lang, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/255 Josef Rössier & Co., Gablonz am N. (Sudetenland)
M5/256 Ziemer & Söhne, Oberstein
M5/257 Julius Grefe KG., Dahle u. Altena
M5/258 Arno Walipach, Salzburg
M5/259 Gebrüder Jäger, Gablonz am N. (Sudetenland)
M5/260 Julius Rauchfuhs, Schönwald u. Pirna (Sudetenland)
M5/261 Matthias Ochsier & Sohn AG., Riegersdorf b. Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/262 Augustin Hieke, Tyssa b. Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/264 Anton Frz. Schönbach, Hellendorf u. Pima Nn 41
M5/265 Magnus Richter, Schwarzbach
M5/266 Franz Bernhardt, Tyssa b. Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/267 Gustav Körtel, Peterswald b., Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/268 Gustav Wenzel, Nieder-Preschkau, Kr. Tetschen
M5/269 Rudolf Fischer Jr., Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M5/272 Josef Felix Söhne, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/273 Reichelmann & Co., Tellnitz b. Aussig (Sudetenland)
M5/274 Ewald Turck, LüdenscheId
M5/275 Adolf Kofer, Sebnitz
M5/276 Klein & Quenzer AG., Oberstein a. d. Nahe
M5/277 Ernst Kubiznak, Wien
M5/284 Schar-Smolka, Schwechat b. Wien
M5/285 Karl Juhn & Co. AG., Wien
M5/288 Adaib. Kannglesser, Wien
M5/289 Heinr. Ulbricht's Witwe., Wien
M5/290 Lenkwerk Brüder Schneider AG., Wien
M5/291 Albert Blodicek, Wien
M5/292 Raimund Moser, Wien
M5/293 Brüder Eisert AG., Wien
M5/294 Franz Weinrank, Wien
M5/295 Ferd. Kment G.m.b.H., Wien
M5/296 Rudolf Menschiga, Wien
M5/297 Josef Herzog, Wien
M5/298 Hermann Martini, Wien
M5/299 Andreas Unger, Wien
M5/300 Schwertner & Cie., Eggenburg
M5/301 Dominik Schönbaumfelds Sohn, Wien
M5/302 William Prym, Wien
M5/303 Rudolf Schanes, Wien
M5/304 Phil. Turks Wwe., Wien
M5/305 Wilhelm Pittner, Wien
M5/306 Franz Petzl, Wien
M5/307 Maria Schenkl, Wien
M5/308 Karl Klecek, Wien
M5/309 Steirische Kettenfabriken Pengg-Walenta AG., Graz
M5/310 Otto Kogler, Wien
M5/311 List & Hertl, Wien
M5/312 Ad. Grohmann & Sohn, Würbenthal (Ostsudetenland)
M5/313 Franz Schönbach, Riegersdorf (Sudetenland)
M5/314 Paul Brüder, Tyssa b. Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/315 Laurenz Müller, Gross-Schönau (Sudetenland)
M5/316 Heinrich Wander, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/317 Petzold & Maeser, Chemnitz
M5/318 Buttig & Co., Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/319 Karl Schram, Brünn (Protektorat Mähren)
M5/320 Ewald Ress, Wien
M5/321 J. Ernst, Löbau
M5/322 Walter & Henlein, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M5/323 W. Hobacher, Wien
M5/324 Metallwarenfabrik 5. Jablonski G.m.b.H., Posen
M5/325 EI-Ge, Leop. Gajduschek, Beilitz
M5/326 Hein. Hoffmann, Inh. Karl Gürtler, Beilitz
M5/327 Filipp Vogl, Wien
M5/328 Treuhänder der Firma L. Bromberg, Tschenstochau
M5/329 Berth. Jäger, Tyssa und Bodenbach (Sudetenland)
M5/330 W. Aurich, Leipe


M7 - Daggers

M7/1 Gebrüder Christians, Christianswerk, Solingen
M7/2 Emil Voos Waffenfabrik, Solingen
M7/3 Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/4 August Müller KG., Solingen-Merscheid
M7/5 Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen
M7/6 H. & F. Lauterjung, Solingen
M7/7 Hermann Konejung, Solingen
M7/8 Eduard Gembruch, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/9 SMF - Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik Stoecker & Co., Solingen
M7/10 J. A. Henckels, Solingen
M7/11 E. Knecht & Co., Solingen
M7/12 WMW - Waffenfabrik Max Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/12 Carl Robert Kaldenbach (duplicate)
M7/13 Arthur Schüttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7/14 R D. Luneschloss, Solingen
M7/15 Carl & Robert Linder, Solingen
M7/16 Justus Brenger & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7/17 A. Werth, Solingen
M7/18 Richard Abr. Herder, Solingen
M7/19 Edward Wüsthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen
M7/20 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7/21 Hermann Schneider, Solingen
M7/22 Wilhelm Weltersbach, Solingen
M7/23 Carl Halbach, Solingen
M7/24 Reinhard Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/25 Wilhelm Wagner, Solingen-Merscheid
M7/25 Jostes & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7/26 Carl August Meis, G.m.b.H., Solingen
M7/27 Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen
M7/28 Gustav Felix, Gloriawerk, Solingen
M7/29 Klittermann & Moog G.m.b.H., Haan
M7/29 Jacobs & Co. (duplicate)
M7/30 Gebrüder Grafrath, Solingen-Widden
M7/31 August Merten Mw., Solingen-Grafrath
M7/32 Robt. Muller, Solingen-Merscheid
M7/33 F W. Höller, Solingen
M7/33 P.u.A. Duenzer, Solingen (duplicate)
M7/34 Rudolf C. Jacobs, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/35 Wilhelm Halback, Solingen
M7/36 E. & F. Hörster, Solingen
M7/37 Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/38 Paul Seilheimer, Solingen
M7/39 Franz Steinhoff, Solingen-Wald
M7/40 Hartkopf & Co., Solingen
M7/41 Rudolf Schmidt, Solingen
M7/42 W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co.) Waffenfabrik, Solingen-Wald
M7/43 Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen
M7/44 F. W. Backhaus, Solingen-Obligs
M7/45 Karl Bocker, Solingen
M7/45 Ottersbach & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7/46 Emil Gierling, Solingen
M7/47 Paul Ebel, Solingen
M7/48 Otto Simon, Steinbach
M7/49 Friedrich Herder A.S., Solingen
M7/50 Gebrüder Heller, G.m.b.H., Marienthal
M7/51 Anton Wingen, Jr., Solingen
M7/52 Herbertz & Meurer, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/53 Nach. Gustav Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/54 Gottfried Müller, Rerges-Vogtei
M7/55 Robert Herder, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/56 C. D. Schaaf, Solingen
M7/57 Peter Lungstrass, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/58 Louis Perlmann, Solingen
M7/59 C. Lutters & Co., Solingen
M7/60 Gustav L. Koller, Solingen
M7/61 Carl Tillmans Sohn KG., Solingen
M7/62 Friedrich Plucker Jr, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/63 Herder & Engels, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/64 Friedr. Geigis, Solingen-Foche
M7/65 Karl Heidelberg, Solingen
M7/66 Carl Eickorn, Solingen
M7/67 Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen-Foche
M7/68 Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co., Solingen
M7/69 H.A. Erbe AG., Schmalkalden
M7/70 David Malsch, Steinbach
M7/71 Herm. Hahn, Solingen-Wald
M7/72 Karl Rob. Kaldenbach, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/73 F u. A. Helbing, Steinbach
M7/74 Friedrich Aug. Schmitz, Solingen
M7/75 Böker & Co., Solingen
M7/76 Herbeck & Meyer, Solingen-Weyer
M7/77 Gustav Schmeider, Solingen
M7/78 Herm. Linder Sohn, Solingen
M7/79 C. Bertram Reinhard & Sohn, Solingen
M7/80 Gustav C. Spitzer, Solingen
M7/81 Karl Tiegel, Riemberg
M7/82 Gebrüder Born, Solingen
M7/83 Richard Pluemacher Sohn, Solingen
M7/84 Carl Schmidt Sohn, Solingen
M7/85 Arthur Evertz, Solingen
M7/86 Kuno Liemscheid & Co., Solingen auf der Hohe
M7/87 Maich & Ambrom, Steinbach
M7/88 Juliuswerk-J. Schmidt & Sohn, Riemberg i. Schlesien
M7/89 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7/90 Eickelnberg & Mack, Solingen
M7/91 Carl Spitzer, Malsch
M7/92 Peter Daniel Krebs, Solingen
M7/93 Ewald Cleff, Solingen
M7/94 Gebrüder Bell, Solingen-Grafarth
M7/95 J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen
M7/96 Drees & Sohn, Solingen
M7/97 F Koeller & Co., Solingen-Ohligs
M7/98 Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
M7/99 Franz Weinrank, Wien
M7/100 Franz Pils & Sobn, Wien
M7/101 Fritz Weber, Wien
M7/102 Franz Pils & Sohn, Steinbach am St.
M7/103 Josef Hack, Steyr (Ober-Donau)
M7/104 Ludwig Zeitler, Wien
M7/105 Rudolf Wurzer, St. Christophen
M7/106 Georg Kerschbaumer, Steinbach an der Steyr
M7/108 Karl Oschmann & Co., Brotterode i. Th.
M7/109 Thomas Weilpütz, Solingen-Höscheid
M7/110 Felbeck & Pickard, Solingen
M7/111 H. Herder, Solingen
M7/112 Carl Wusthof-Gladiatorwerk, Solingen
M7/113 Berndorfer Metaliwarenfabrik - Arthur Krupp AG., Berndorf
M7/114 Hugo Linder C. W. Sohn, Solingen-Weyer
M7/115 Erhardt Reich, Schwcina
M7/116 Franz Frenzel, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7/117 Julius Pilz Sohn, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7/118 Jacobs & Co., Solingen-Grafrath
M7/163 E. & A. Helbig, Steinbach
M7/183 Ernst E. Witte (Kroneck), Solingen
M7/1051 Robert Klaas, Solingen
M7/1053 P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen
M7/1164 David Malsch, Steinbach Krm.
M7/1166 Emil Voos, Solingen
M7/1196 unknown
M7/1168 unknown
M7/1211 E. Pack & Sohn, Solingen


M9 - Tinnies

M9/1 F. W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M9/2 Rud. Mayer, Pforzheim
M9/3 L. Chr. Lauer, Nürnberg
M9/4 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
M9/5 Fugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim
M9/6 Julius Dinnebier Nachf., Lüdenscheid
M9/7 Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim
M9/8 Christian Thomas Dicke, Lüdenscheid
M9/9 Ferdinand Wagner, Pforzheim
M9/10 Robert Hauschild, Pforzheim
M9/11 Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen
M9/12 C. Baimberger, Nürnberg
M9/13 Gustav Hahl, Pforzheim
M9/14 M. Kutsch, Attendorn
M9/15 Otto Schickle, Pforzheim
M9/16 Berg & Nolte AG, Lüdenscheid
M9/17 Friedrich Keck, Pforzheim
M9/18 Karl Wild, Hamburg
M9/19 Ernst Schneider, Lüdenscheid
M9/20 "Walgo". Inh. Goseberg, Kierspe
M9/21 Glaser & Sohn, Dresden
M9/22 Dr. Franke & Co., KG., Lridenscheid
M9/23 Ossenberg & Co., Dahle und Altena
M9/24 Wilhelm Schroder & Co., Lüdenscheid
M9/25 Richard Sieper & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M9/26 Hessische Fahnenfabrik Georg Schubkegel, Darmstadt
M9/27 Bockle & Co., Geringswalde
M9/28 Ferdinand Hoffstätter, Bonn
M9/29 Rud Wachtler & Lange. Mittweida
M9/30 Bernhard Haarmann, Lüdenscheid
M9/31 Biedermann & Co., Obercassel
M9/32 G. Danner, Muhihausen
M9/33 Karl Hensler, Pforzheim
M9/34 Werner Linker, Duisburg-Hochfeld
M9/35 Gebrüder Gloerfeld KG, Lüdenscheid
M9/36 Philipp und Gustav Fest, Hanau
M9/37 Carl Winkler, Hanau
M9/38 Tweer & Turck, Lüdenscheid
M9/39 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
M9/40 Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen
M9/41 Julius Maurer G.m.b.H., Oberstein
M9/42 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart
M9/43 Lohmann & Welschehold, Meinerzhagen
M9/45 Dransfeld & Co., Menden
M9/46 Otto Fechler, Bernsbach
M9/47 Adolf Baumeister, Lüdenscheid
M9/48 E. F. Wiedmann, Frankfurt am M.
M9/49 Heinrich Muth, Hanau
M9/50 Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid
M9/51 Hermann Aurich, Dresden
M9/52 Schmidt & Bruckmann, Pforzheim
M9/53 Friedrich Linden, Lüdenscheid
M9/54 Funcke & Bruninghaus, Lüdenscheid
M9/55 Hermann Wemstein, Jena-Löbstedt
M9/56 Werner Redo, Saarlautern
M9/57 Gebrüder Lange, Lüdenscheid
M9/58 Alfred Stubbe, Inh. Herben Tegge, Berlin
M9/60 Paulmann & Crone, Lüdenscheid
M9/61 Gebrüder Albert, Menden.
M9/62 Berthold Kuhn, Catterfeld
M9/63 Albert Ihne, Lüdenscheid
M9/65 Friedrich Keller, Oberstein
M9/66 Gottlieb Fr. Keck & Sohn, Pforzheim
M9/67 Overhoft & Cie, Lüdenscheid
M9/68 Gebrüder Mardey & Co., Wuppertal-Langerfeld
M9/69 K. E. Haas, Hamburg
M9/70 Walter Demmer, Lüdenscheid
M9/71 Stuttgarter Metallwerk-Fabrik Mayer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart
M9/72 Wilhelm Kolwitz, Bergedorf b. Hamburg
M9/73 Julius Bauer Söhne, Zella-Mehlis
M9/74 Heinrich Vogt, Pforzheim
M9/75 M. Nett, Fürth
M9/76 Hermann Bauer, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M9/77 Josef Fuess, München
M9/78 Stefan Merkl, Nürnberg
M9/79 Max Kamper, Lüdenscheid
M9/80 Kruse & Söhne, Wuppertal-Barmen
M9/81 Franz Reischauer, Idan
M9/82 Matthias Ochsier & Sohn KG., Ansbach
M9/83 Lehmann & Wundenberg, Hannover
M9/84 Gebrüder Rood, Solingen
M9/85 Gebrüder Hahne, Lüdenscheid
M9/86 Adam Donner, Wuppertal-Elberfeld
M9/87 Adolf Besson, Schwäb.-Gmjind.
M9/88 A. Kunze & Co., Buchholz
M9/89 Hillenbrand & Bröer, Lüdenscheid
M9/91 Wilhelm Fuhner, Pforzheim
M9/92 Paul Meybauer, Berlin
M9/93 Frank & Reif o.H.G., Stuttgart
M9/94 Walter Horn]ein, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M9/95 Pleuger & Voss, Lüdenscheid
M9/96 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde
M9/97 Gebrüder Fobke, Stettin
M9/98 Theodor Seibod, Offenbach a. M.
M9/99 Hans Aich, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M9/100 Emil Oberholz, Reiligenhaus
M9/102 Gebrüder Bender, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/103 Schimmel, Schmieder & Co., Schmölin
M9/104 Fritz Zobel, Breslau
M9/105 Karl Kahle, Flensburg
M9/106 Richard Masseck, Weisswasser
M9/107 Ossenberg-Engels, Iserlohn
M9/108 L. 0. Stillgebauer, Solingen
M9/109 Emil Vogelsang, Glauchau
M9/110 Fritz Kohm, Pforzheim
M9/111 Schauerte & Höhfeld, Lüdenscheid
M9/112 Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik, Geislingen a. d St.
M9/113 Ernst Conze, Lüdenscheid
M9/114 Hermann Knöller, Lüdenscheid
M9/115 Rob Hasenmayer Jr., Pforzheim
M9/116 Wuh. A. Jager, Frankfurt a. M
M9/117 Chn Bauer, Welzheim
M9/118 Josef Preissier, Pforzheim
M9/119 Alois Rettenmaier, Schwäb-Omünd.
M9/120 Gustav Schuft, Cottbus
M9/121 Furstenberger Porzellanfabrik, Furstenberg a. d. Weser
M9/122 Stempel-Reich, Breslau
M9/123 Gebrüder Cramer, Menden
M9/124 Karl Pfohl, Pforzheim
M9/125 Jakob Bengel, Inh. E., Hartenberger, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/126 Fried. Wuh. Schnurle, Duisburg am Rhein
M9/127 Heinrich Schmidt, Sprottau
M9/128 Paul Schulze & Co., Lubeck
M9/129 Jörgum & Trefz, Frankfurt am Main
M9/130 Bruno Mitlehner, Berlin
M9/131 Noelle & Hueck KG, Lüdenscheid
M9/132 Hermann Schulte Sohn, Lüdenscheid
M9/133 Bebritpressstoffwerke G.m.b.H., Bebra
M9/134 Seiler & Co., Geldern
M9/135 C. W. Lots, Adorf
M9/136 Ernst Scheiter, Eibenstock
M9/137 H. Dürvel, Braunschweig
M9/138 Prokop, Jager & Söhne, Rosenthal-Schweizermuhle
M9/139 Bruno Winkler, Zittau
M9/140 Leop. Kleins Witwe, Wien
M9/141 Glöckner & Co., Annaberg
M9/142 Otto Kunze, Fraureuth
M9/143 R. Conrad Nach & Co. KG, Schmiedeberg.
M9/144 Julius Moser sen., Inh. C., Moser, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/145 Kuhr & Langer, Eisenach
M9/146 Mayer & Sohn, Erbach
M9/147 Eduard Mutscheiknauss, Pforzheim
M9/148 E. O. Friedrich, Leipzig
M9/149 Willy Annetsberger, Munchen
M9/150 Friedrich Roediger & Co., Hanau a. M.
M9/151 Petz & Lorenz, Unterreichenbach
M9/152 Stuffmann & Co., Haan
M9/153 Staatl Bemstein-Manufaktur, Königsberg
M9/154 Karl Forster & Grat Schwäb-Gmünd.
M9/155 Lindner & Maak, Dresden
M9/156 Ad. Schwerdt, Stuttgart
M9/157 Lind & Meyer, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/158 Ochs & Bonn, Hanau a. M.
M9/159 Wilhelm Helbing, Leipzig
M9/160 Max Kremhelmer, Munchen
M9/161 Sohni, Heubach & Co., Oberstein a d. N.
M9/162 Ziemer & Söhne, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/163 Otto Wolter, Schwäb-Gmund.
M9/164 Paul Merkens, Dusseldorf
M9/165 Giesse & Schmidt, Ruhla
M9/166 Hymmen & Co., Lüdenscheid
M9/167 Emil Büxenstein, Pforzheim
M9/168 Gustav Mössmer, Offenbach am Main
M9/169 Deschler & Sohn, München
M9/170 Karl Erbacher, Pforzheim
M9/171 Rudolf Freund, Solingen
M9/172 Eduard Hahn, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/173 P. C. Turck Witwe, Lüdenscheid
M9/176 List & Hertl, Wien
M9/177 August Menze & Sohn, Wien
M9/178 C. W. Motz & Co., Brandenburg a. d.H.
M9/179 Karl Gschiermeister, Wien
M9/180 Adalbert Kanngiesser, Wien.
M9/181 Sohni & Co., Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/182 Karl Kuhn & Co. AG, Wien
M9/183 Schar-Smolka, Schwechat b. Wien
M9/184 Bruno Mulde, Bremen
M9/185 J. E. Hammer & Söhne, Geringswalde
M9/186 Konrad Seiboth, Gablonz a. N.
M9/187 Grossmann & Co. Inh. Lorenz Hoffstätter u.L. Siefener, Wien
M9/188 Schaeffer, Homberg G.m.b.H., Wuppertal -Barmen
M9/189 Rudolf Stärz, Gablonz a. N.
M9/190 Rudolf Richter, Schlag Nr 244
M9/191 Wilhelm Borgas, Entingen
M9/192 Albert Noswitz, Gablonz a. N.
M9/193 Emil Peukert, Gablonz a. N.
M9/194 Franz Schiffner, Gablonz a. N.
M9/195 Franz Schmidt, Gablonz a. N.
M9/196 Rudolf Lucke & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/197 Gustav Miksch, Gablonz a. N.
M9/198 Camill Bergmann & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/199 Rudolf Pfeiffers Nachf., Hoschka & Pesch, Gablonz a. N.
M9/200 Heinrich Stärz jr., Gablonz a. N.
M9/201 Otto Lang, Gablonz a. N
M9/202 Josef Rössler & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/203 Wilhelm Pala, Gablonz a. N.
M9/204 Franz Wenzeis Sohn, Braunau Heuscheuer
M9/205 Fritz Zasche, Gablonz a. N.
M9/206 J. C. Gante in, Berlin
M9/207 Georg Patzner, Breslau.
M9/208 Josef Feix Söhne, Gablonz a. N.
M9/209 Gebrüder Jäger, Gablonz
M9/210 Rudolf Lang, Kukan Nr.226 b. Gablonz
M9/211 Adolf Scholze, Grünwald a. N.
M9/212 Julius Rauchfühs, Schonwald u. Pirna
M9/213 Eduard Gorlach & Söhne, Gablonz a. N.
M9/214 August G. Tham, Gablonz a. N.
M9/215 Rudolf Tham, Gablonz a. N.
M9/216 Matth. Ochsier & Sohn AG, Riegersdor b. Bodenbach
M9/217 A. Karneth & Sohn, Gablonz a. N.
M9/218 Matth Salcher & Söhne AG., Wagstadt
M9/219 Augustin Hieke, Tyssa b. Bodenbach
M9/221 Richard Simm & Söhne, Gablonz a. N.
M9/222 Otto Glausch, Grunwald b. Gablonz
M9/223 Bruno Schöffel, Kukan
M9/224 Walter & Henlein, Gablonz a. N.
M9/225 Franz Maschke & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/226 Heinrich Wander, Gablonz a. N.
M9/227 Vereinigte Knopf-Werker Alfred Maborny, Wohlau
M9/229 M. Schaubmayr, Wien
M9/230 Josef Rücker & Sohn, Gablonz a. N.
M9/231 Louis Keller, Oberstein
M9/232 Magnus Richter, Schwarzbach
M9/233 Gustav Könd, Peterswald b. Bodenbach
M9/234 Franz Bernhardt, Tyssa b. Bodenbach.
M9/235 Heinr Ulbricht's Wwe., Wien
M9/236 Florian Schwarzer, Wien
M9/237 Gebr Eichenauer, Hainfeld
M9/238 Lenkwerk Brüder Schneider AG., Wien
M9/239 A. Beladas Nach. Frz. Jungwirth, Wien
M9/240 W. Gruber & Co., Wien
M9/241 Ranns Pacher, Wien
M9/242 Friedrich Orth, Wien
M9/243 Josef Heintschel, Wien
M9/244 Franke & Sohn, Heidenreichstein
M9/245 Albert Bloudicek, Wien
M9/246 Eduard Gösel, Wien
M9/247 Rudolf Menschiga, Wien
M9/248 Christlbauer & Sohn, Wien
M9/249 Josef Mayr, Linz
M9/250 Andreas Unger, Wien
M9/251 Rudolf Schanes, Wien
M9/252 Phil. Turks Wwe., Wien
M9/253 Argentor-Werke, Wien
M9/254 Hans Hischer, Wien
M9/255 Schwenner & Cie., Eggenberg b. Graz
M9/256 Franz Petzl, Wien
M9/263 Adolf Klinger, Grünwald a. N.
M9/264 Rudolf Dressier Jr., Gablonz a. N.
M9/265 Eduard Kratzert, Gablonz a. N.
M9/268 Franz Klamt & Söhne, Gablonz a. N.
M9/269 Arno Wailpach, Salzburg
M9/270 Wilhelm Tschinkel Abtl. II, Ober Kreibitz -Schonfeld
M9/271 Gustav Wenzel, Nieder-Preschkau, Kr. Tetschen
M9/272 Rudolf Fischer Jr., Nixdorf
M9/273 Franz Lang, Gablonz a. N.
M9/274 Karl Unger & Sohn, Gablonz a. N.
M9/275 Erwin Hoffmann, Seidenschwanz
M9/276 Josef Pörner, Gablonz a. N.
M9/277 Franz Erben jr, Seidenschwanz
M9/278 Reichelmann & Co., Tellnitz b. Aussig
M9/279 E. Wohlmann, Gablonz a. N.
M9/280 Rudolf Bergs, Gablonz a. N.
M9/281 Richard Feix, Gablonz a. N.
M9/282 Wilhelm Hammesfahr, Solingen
M9/283 Emil Herrmann & Co. Gablonz a. N.
M9/284 Robert Rudolf, Gablonz a. N.
M9/285 Oskar Frech, Gablonz a. N.
M9/286 Adolf Kofer, Sebnitz
M9/287 Ewald Turck, Lüdenscheid
M9/288 Klein & Quenzer AG., Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/289 Gottlieb & Wagner, Oberstein a. d. N.
M9/290 Otto Geiger, Lüdenscheid
M9/291 Oswald Posselt, Gablonz a. N.
M9/292 Ernst Hübner, Gablonz a. N.
M9/293 Adolf Seidel Gablonz a. N.
M9/294 W. Lehmann, Karlsbad-Weheditz
M9/295 Josef Bergs & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/296 Franz Schönbach, Riegersdorf
M9/297 August Halter, Tolkemit, Kr. Elbing
M9/298 Brüder Paul, Tyssa b. Bodenbach
M9/299 Paul Garthe, Muspe
M9/300 Volkskunst der Grafschaft Glatz, Kurt Klammt, Glatz-Neuland
M9/301 Otto Sedlak, Gablonz a. N.
M9/302 Bruno Pfeifer, Gablonz a. N.
M9/303 Anton Markovskys Söhne, Gablonz a. N
M9/304 Karl Schlenker, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M9/305 Rudolf Zappa, Bad Schlag b. Gablonz a. N.
M9/306 R. Richard Haasis, Zittau
M9/307 Kamill Schöffel, Grunwald a. N
M9/308 Laurenz Müller, Gross-Schonau.
M9/309 Willy Engel, Morchenstern, Kr. Gablonz
M9/310 Otto Mischek, Gablonz a. N
M9/311 Gralit-Kunstharzpresswerk, Grossmann, Pietschmann & Co., Nixdorf
M9/312 Fritz Mannheim G.m.b.H., Kaiserslautern
M9/313 Karl Pichl, Innsbruck
M9/314 Moritz Hertwig KG., Tannenberg
M9/315 Arno Melzer, Dresden
M9/316 Rudolf Strake, Leipa
M9/317 Franz Simon, Gablonz a. N.
M9/318 Heinrich & Heinrich, Gablonz a. N.
M9/319 Buttig & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/320 Zappe & Co., Gablonz a. N.
M9/321 Wiliy Zappe, Gablonz a. N.
M9/322 Oskar Zappe Jr., Gablonz a. N.
M9/323 Max Hering, Oldenburg i. 0.
M9/324 Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen
M9/325 Rosenthal-Porzellan AG., Selb.
M9/326 Karl Schram, Brunn (Protektorat Mähren)
M9/327 Otto Müller, Gablonz a. N
M9/328 Julius Gerhard. Pforzheim
M9/329 Max Ulbrich, Gablonz a. N.
M9/330 Ewald Ress, Wien
M9/331 Erhard & Söhne AG, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M9/332 Dmk. Schönbaumfelds Sohn, Wien
M9/333 Alfred Simet, Wien
M9/334 Augustin Prager, Gablonz a. N.
M9/335 R. Kreisel, Gablonz a. N.
M9/336 W. Hobacher, Wien


11 - NSDAP Long Service Medals

M11/1 Steinhauer und Lück, Lüdenscheid
M11/2 B. H. Mayers Kunstprägeanstalt, Pforzheim
M11/3 Ferdinand Roffstätter, Bonn am Rhein
M11/4 Alfred Stübbe, Inh. H. Tegge, Berlin
M11/5 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
M11/6 Paul Meybauer, Berlin
M11/7 Foerster und Barth, Pforzheim
M11/8 Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim
M11/9 Schwenner & Cie., Eggenberg b. Graz
M11/10 Deschler & Sohn, München
M11/11 Grossmann & Co., Wien
M11/12 F. Jungwirth, Wien
M11/13 Friedrich Orth, Wien
M11/14 Gebrüder Jäger, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/15 Karl Wurster, Markneukirchen
M11/16 Carl Poellath, Schrobenbausen
M11/17 L. Chr. Lauer, Nürnberg
M11/18 Heinrich Ulbrichts Witwe., Kaufing b. Schwanenstadt
M11/19 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
M11/20 F. W. Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid
M11/21 Josef Rillebrand, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/22 Ferdinand Wagner, Pforzheim
M11/23 Hans Doppler, Weis
M11/25 Fr. Keck & Sohn, Pforzheim
M11/26 Karl Pichl, Innsbruck
M11/27 Rudolf Richter, Schlag b. Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/28 Konrad Seibotb, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/29 Simet & Co., Wien
M11/30 Rudolf Souval, Wien
M11/31 Karl Wild, Hamburg
M11/32 Oswald Posselt, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/33 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart
M11/34 Frank & Reit Stuttgart
M11/35 Argentor-Werke, Rust & Hetzel, Wien
M11/36 Richard Simm & Söhne, Gablonz a. N. (Sudetenland)
M11/39 Karl Hensler, Pforzheim


M12 - NSDAP Miniature Long Service Medals

M12/1 Hymmer. & Co., Lüdenscheid
M12/2 Petz & Lorenz, Unterreichenbach
M12/3 Apreck & Vrage, Leipzig
M12/5 Julins Bauer Söhne, Zella-Mehlis
M12/6 Adam Donner, Wuppertal-Elberfeld
M12/7 Friedrich A. H. Meyer, Berlin-Friedenau
M12/8 E. Harbrecht-Baun, Stuttgart
M12/9 Otto Schickle, Pforzheim
M12/10 Boerger & Co., Berlin
M12/11 Eduard Schiffer, Bielefeld
M12/12 Theodor Schulz, Schaiksmühle
M12/13 Schauerte & Höhfeld, Lüdenscheid
M12/14 Alois Rettenmajer, Schwäb.-Gmünd.
M12/15 Albert vom Hofe, Lüdenscheid
M12/16 P. Sandig & Co., Liegnitzer Silberwarenfabrik, Liegnitz
M12/17 Funke & Bruninghaus, Lüdenscheid

In "Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich" Vol. I, LTC. Johnson lists these codes as firms which were designers and makers of weapons for the Führer, Adolf Hitler

M12/1 Troost-WoIf München A.G.
M12/2 Josef Wolf Waffenfabrik
M12/4 Karl Wolf Waffenfabrik
M12/6 Wolf & Sohn (Wilhelm Wolf d.J.)


Brüder/Gebrüder - Brothers
Cie - Company
G.m.b.H. - Limited
Sohn/Söhne - Sons
Waffenfabrik - Weapons maker
Wien - Vienna