This page will not need much explanation. Some of these posters are pure fantasy pieces. That is they never existed during the Third Reich although in many cases parts of them did. The fakers often will take an original piece of artwork, a magazine cover, or even an original poster and slap some SS Runes and text on it to try and enhance it's value.

The other category is reproductions where an original poster has been reproduced to approximate the original - some of these are very good and some are very poor like the Anton poster above.

Quite a few coming up lately have been reproduced from the postcard version as it is cheaper to spend a few hundred dollars or Euros on a readily available postcard, than it is to wait ten years for an original poster to appear.


Another weak attempt at reproducing the poster above. This sold for $45 at auction when you can buy pretty good prints of this for $20 or less.



This poster was only ever done in black and white. The same image below is a closer copy than this ridiculous reproduction.



This poster is missing Anton's signature and I believe it is reproduced from the postcard.



This rare Anton poster has the original on the right - the other two are reproductions.



This will piss off quite a few collectors who own these - I own one myself I bought cheap - but these are fakes. True they don't glow under a blacklight. But the colors are nowhere near the originals, the Swastikas on the Standard are missing or blurred - as you can see on the original next to it. I've heard all the excuses about it being a late war Dutch variant and other rubbish. The original Dutch posters look identical to the German posters except for the text.

Even the original postcard has better graphics than this piece of junk.

They are fakes - don't buy one.



A rare Gino Boccasile poster - when compared to the original the reproduction looks very poor.

There are various spelling errors on the fake as well.There fak



Another rare Anton poster where the copies are very well done. However the recruiting office information I have never seen on an original version and when recruiting office information was applied to the same poster by the SS Head Office, it has always been in the same type size and style.

A Californian poster restorer (Poster Mountain) has done a microscope analysis on one of these and found it is not consistent with the printing style of the Third Reich.

Yet the big US dealer whose website this is on is selling it for $4500......



A reproduction of the French version. A close up reveals the crude coloring and black outlines around the eyes and down the middle of the nose.



While not an SS poster this reproduction is interesting as it shows the aging that has been applied to the the reproduction to try to fool the buyer.



This is one of the most reproduced posters around. It is also one of the best reproductions out there - except they are printed on glossy paper.





























The is taken from an original piece of artwork by SS artist Finn Wigforss.