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The SS had some of the most widely recognized uniforms of the 20th century. The SS runes tab on the collar was instantly recognizable and feared in many cases. Soldiers in the SS Totenkopf  Division were slightly different from other German SS Divisions in that they wore the Deaths Head on their collars instead of the SS Runes. Some foreign volunteer units were not permitted to wear the SS runes on their collar tabs and were supplied various designs relating to their nationalities. *

 The Waffen SS pioneered the use of camouflage uniforms in many styles for both infantry and armored personnel. That legacy lives on with the camouflage uniforms of modern armies today.

My own collection only has only a few examples. Authentic, unaltered SS uniforms are very difficult to come by (most of those remaining are already in collections - and tightly held onto considering how rare they are) and they are now very expensive to purchase.

I have recently added a mega rare black SS Panzer wrapper from the 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking".

To see the wide variety of SS uniforms that were made, I can highly recommend the 3 volume set of books by Michael Beaver "Uniforms of the Waffen-SS".

Scroll down to tee the examples in my collection. I have included other uniform items such as belts and boots in this section.

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* to see examples of Waffen-SS foreign volunteer insignia click here

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NEW - Waffen-SS Panzer Uniform - Sturmscharführer 5. SS Panzer Division " Wiking"

A combat worn example of an SS-Sturmscharführer's Panzer wrap, from the 5. SS Panzer Division "Wiking" which fought on the Eastern front during the war. It was a highly regarded and tough fighting SS Panzer Division and one of the first truly multi-national European fighting forces. Sturmscharführer is a very rare rank and is equivalent to a Sergeant Major in the US Army or Regimental Sergeant Major in the British Army.

All the insignia - runes tab, sleeve eagle and cuff title - on this uniform are officers grade flatwire examples, which would not be unexpected of a soldier of this rank. The shoulder board has the three stars (or pips) denoting the rank of Sturmscharführer, which is the highest Waffen-SS NCO rank before becoming an officer. The pink piping on the shoulder board is the typical pale pink that should be seen for panzer troops after field wear and 60 years of aging. The wrap shows a fair amount of wear with some small repairs. The cufftitle has some of the aluminum worn off and the aluminum borders are snagged in a few places. It also has loops for two badges.

This NCO was apparently wounded in the left arm and some damage can be seen to the sleeve under the cufftitle.

Waffen-SS Infantry Officers Uniform

SS officer tunics don't come in much better condition than this one. This is a hardly worn SS Obersturmführer (Lieutenant) of infantry tunic as denoted by the white piping on the shoulder boards.
Made from Italian cloth, and featuring perfect runes and rank collar tabs, a flatwire sleeve eagle, an "old fighters" chevron and Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon in the second buttonhole. It has loops for three badges and a small ribbon bar.

It also has the green collar; pleated and scalloped pockets and "French" turned up cuffs favored by the officers of the Waffen SS.

The lining is a pale brown/gray rayon with white pin-striped rayon lining for the sleeves. A hanger for the dagger (but no slot for the dagger) and internal belt complete the tunic.

Waffen-SS Mountain Officers Uniform

A great combat worn example of an SS-Untersturmführer's tunic for Gebirgsjaeger troops. This tunic was found in Norway and might have been left behind by the 6. SS Gebirgs Division "Nord" as they retreated from Finland (of course there is no way to prove this).

This is a late war tunic cut in the M36 officers style. The material used is a fairly coarse type of wool blend. It does feature the typical green collar and upturned "French" cuffs that SS officers favored. The inside is lined in grey/brown rayon and features a dagger slot but no dagger hanger is present. The insignia is officers grade for the most part except it has an early SS-VT "hammerhead" sleeve eagle. The runes tab has some oxidization to the bullion. The shoulder boards are Heer style without the black underlay the SS type featured. The Waffenfarbe is the correct "grass green" for Mountain Troops. It also features a sleeve Edelweiss on the right sleeve. It has loops for two badges.

SS Officers Buckle and Belt
SS officers belt and buckle. The belt is stamped SS 105/38 RZM.
SS Other Ranks Buckle and Belt
SS other ranks belt and buckle. The buckle is made by Assmann und Sohne and is marked RZM 155/40 SS.
Waffen-SS Officers Boots



waffen ss panzer tunic Waffen SS Panzer tunic